From September 2008 - August 2021, the Reed Atmospheric Chemistry Research group worked on a variety of research projects, from Portland-based to international. Below are links to several presentations and announcements from that period.

Archive of activities from the Reed Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

  • Short video introducing current research projects, June 2020
  • Seminar video (~ 50 min) about diesel particulate matter research, June 2020
  • ACS talk on NO3 + isoprene mechanism and SOA yields, August 2019
  • NSF Atmospheric Chemistry Workshop poster on plans for new collaborative grant with UC Irvine, May 2018
  • Seminar on sabbatical research projects on NO3+BVOCs, Mar. 2018
  • Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation awards Julie a 2017 Teacher-Scholar Award
  • EPA STAR meeting talk on results of EPA proposal to study the NOy budget in the southeastern U.S., Mar. 2016
  • Pacifichem talk on size-resolved particle composition from chamber SOA expts, Dec. 2015
  • ACS talk on field and chamber evidence of the importance of NO3+BVOCs, Mar. 2015
  • AGU poster on reactive N analysis from SOAS 2013, Dec. 2014
  • AGU poster on chamber studies of SOA from NO3 + BVOCs under differing RO2 fates, Dec. 2014
  • AGU poster on NOy fate in the southeastern U.S., Dec. 2013
  • AAAR poster on NO2 effects on SOA formation from O3 + BVOCs, Oct 2013
  • NOAA Climate Program Office Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4) grant awarded, 2013-2016! Will fund collaborative chamber studies in Boulder, CO
  • EPA funds our summer 2013 field research in the southeastern U.S.!


  • EOW  Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change, released Mar. 2010; ASLI Choice Popular book of the year (2010)
  • NO2 in the Columbia River Gorge (Poster, Jan. 2010)